One of the most common issues with weiser also known as USA brand Kwikset are Mechanism, Smartkey plug and inside handle either they get loosen with time, Latch start to stop going deeper or Blakknob come out, At shay locksmith we see it all and we can fix it all, All weiser brand in canada carry warranty, First thing to do is call weiser technical support send them a picture of your gripset and they will send you replacement part, of course in case you get locked out weiser wont help you at night, we can open your door without damage from there you’ll have the choice either we can replace it with additional cost dont forget locksmith do not get warranty from weiser we have to buy all parts, only client are supported though warranty process, 2nd option We just open you’ll take care of the rest your self of course if we need to come back to re-install charges again will apply. When buying gripset lock make sure it is well installed, few factor cause the parts to break off usually its NOT WEISER fault its customer installation fault. At shay locksmith we know the right installation we’ve done 1000’s of wrong installation cause by door installer and clients. We do it right. Call serrurier shay locksmith for any weiser kwikset lock issues. 514-836-9097 24h



Most common are LOCK-OUTS as seems in the following picture.

  • Weiser Mechanism
  • Weiser Latch
  • Weiser Smartkey plug
  • Weiser inside handle loose
  • Weiser inside handle come off