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Shay La meilleur serrurier a montreal


Bienvenue à la Serrurerie shay à Montreal : la sécurité est notre priorité !
Bénéficiez de nos plus de 11 ans d’expertise en matière de serrurerie.
Vous avez besoin de réaliser des travaux de serrurerie à Montréal ou en banlieue, nous vous apportons nos services pour les travaux de serrurerie de toutes portes et toutes marques :

Clé perdue, clé cassée, porte claquer ou serrure grippée, nous intervenons chez vous sur devis gratuit et sans engagement pour vos ouvertures de porte standard ou haute sécurité, remplacement de cylindre, remise en état après un cambriolage ou toute installation de serrures toutes marques. Nous effectuons la reproduction de tous types de clés et nous changeons tous les types de serrure.
Vous êtes bloqués dehors ou coincée dehors, et avez besoin de trouver un serrurier à Montreal en urgence, nous intervenons chez vous au plus vite pour vous dépanner.
Nos serruriers sont capables de réparer ou procéder à l’ouverture des derniers modèles de portes, ou vous dépanne d’urgence pour un remplacement de serrure ou toute autre réparation. Votre serrurier est ouvert tous les jours pour les dépannages d’urgence à Montréal et sa banlieue, y compris samedi et dimanche.



Pourquoi faire confiance à notre serrurerie à Montréal?
  • Prix 
  • Qualité 
  • Rapidité 
  • Honnêtes 
  • Retour de clients (Client répète) 
Prix forfaitaire (tout est compris, pas de surprise)
Ouverture de porte semaine :  $95+
Ouverture de porte semaine de 19h à 22h : En ce moment, $135+
Ouverture de porte week-end V-L (5pm-8am) : $175+

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Deadbolt Lock Replacement in Montreal 514-836-9097

Deadbolt Lock Replacement in Montreal

On average, Canada had 578 burglaries per 100,000 people (2010). 66% of those are home invasions. Protect your family and your most valuable assets from theft by using shay Locksmith premium deadbolt rekey services. Shay Locksmith in Montréal specializes in a wide range of professional locksmith offerings including deadbolt rekey, deadbolt replacement and deadbolt installation services. We are also proud to provide our quality services in Montreal and Surrounding areas, following nearby cities: Deux-Montagnes, St-Estache, Laval, Chateauguay, Hudson, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Repentigny, Boucherville, Longueuil, Brossard, Candiac and more.

Deadbolt Rekey

If you don’t have any damage to your deadbolts, then you might not need to get your deadbolt replaced completely. Do you simply need to get new keys for security reasons? Then there’s a good chance that Shay Locksmith can provide deadbolt rekey services and save you some money. Our expert at Shay Montréal locksmith can provide a complete deadbolt rekey service for your entire home, so you and your family can feel safe and secure. 

You may want to consider rekeying your house’s deadbolts if:

  • A tenant moves out of your rental property.
  • Someone in the household loses a copy of the key.
  • You feel that someone with ill intent has had access to your keys and might have made a copy.
  • A prior member of the household, such as an ex-spouse or roommate, has moved out and you don’t want them to have possession of a working key. 

Likewise, businesses also should set up a routine deadbolt rekey service. If you are a high volume store, or have a high rate of employee turnover, then you might consider monthly or quarterly rekeying just to be safe. Also consider rekeying if you fire a disgruntled co-worker, if a theft has been committed anywhere in the store, a key is lost, or if a break in has occurred (even if it wasn’t successful). 

Deadbolt Replacement

There are times however, when a rekey is not appropriate. For instance, if your family has experienced a recent break in and they severely damaged the deadbolt, then you will probably need to get the deadbolt replaced. Also, if you have moved into an older home, it’s possible that the deadbolts have not been changed for years. When you move into a house, even if it’s brand new, it’s always a good practice to replace or at least rekey the deadbolts. Before you moved in, there may have been contractors, tile workers, roofers, real estate agents, inspectors and many more individuals that had access to the property before you moved in. If you need your deadbolts replaced, give us a call and schedule an appointment. 

Deadbolt Installation

Have you moved into a home that doesn’t have a deadbolt lock? If so, you should know that having a deadbolt is a big deterrent for intruders. Unlike the doorknob lock, a deadbolt has a large steel bolt that goes deep inside the door jamb, making your door much more difficult to force open. If you’re in need of a deadbolt installation, Shay Locksmith is ready to send one of our professional locksmith technicians to help. 

Avoid being a statistic. Protect the important things in your life with a deadbolt installation, rekey or replacement today. Give Shay Locksmith a call 514-836-9097 and schedule your appointment and help make your home more secure.