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High security locks

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These locks are great because they are not only impossible to break, they also last a lifetime


Having a high-security pick and bump proof lock installed would probably be your best solution.
Mul-t-lock is a lock company known for its quality and resistance to pick and bump attempts with the addition of other security features which would be unlikely to be found on other types of locks such as drill proof and unauthorized key copying.
In the event that you have an office or own a small business property, you must be aware of the fact that high percentage of theft occur by employees.
Installing such high security lock will ensure that no unauthorized duplication of a key will be made.

High security key

High security key ways are patent protected which implies that only the lock manufacturer can have a duplicate of the key made and will only be provided to the associated locksmith company who made the order of the lock.
A high security lock is manufactured with the most solid material.
These locks would be much heavier, with thicker hardware components.


Some major points of the high security locks are:

  1. Patented keyway, key and lock mechanism
  2. Constructed or made of very high quality materials
  3. High resistance to prying, drilling and even hammer attacks
  4. Pick Resistant
  5. High measure of Key Control



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La conception d’une serrure brevetée nécessite de couper une clé en biais pour élever et faire tourner les broches à l’intérieur de la serrure afin qu’une barre latérale s’abaisse, permettant ainsi au cylindre de tourner. Les goupilles à pointes ciseaux uniques permettent d’être mises en rotation par les coupes en biais de la clé. Ces goupilles ont une fente le long de la longueur à partir de la barre latérale pour tomber une fois que les goupilles ont été tournées dans la bonne direction.

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