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Access control systems come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Our expert locksmith team is highly trained on the most up to date techniques and procedures in order to figure out which system will be best for your home or business. We are available 7 days a week, and we always provide the best warranties, fastest response times, and the lowest prices for all of our Montreal customers. Contact us 514-836-9097 to learn more about our services.

The main point of an access control system

Typically, there are three types of credentials, something the user knows, such as a password or a pin, something the user has, such as a smart card or fob, and something the user is, such as a fingerprint, voice recognition, or an bio metric scan. Obviously, using a keypad or pin to access an area is the cheapest and easiest way to restrict access to a building. However, for added security or an upgraded system, using a smart card or fingerprint recognition system will ensure added security.


You decide who should have an access

An access control point can be a multitude of things including a door, turnstile, gate, elevator, or another physical barrier where access needs to be restricted. Most often this barrier is a door leading into a secure building that implements several elements in order to deter those who should not have access. At the lowest level of security, there is a stand alone electronic lock. This is then unlocked by an operator or a guard who is given the proper credentials. If you wanted, you could automate this by adding a keypad or a card reader which would then send a code to an automated system and allow access if the code given is correctly read. In cases where entry and exit access must be verified, a second access control system would be installed on the exit point and the same credential given, be it a code, card, or fingerprint.


The most popular type of access control

Access control systems are generally defined by the type of security they offer; Basic, or non-intelligent readers, simply read a card or a pin and allow or deny access based on what is read through the automated system. While this is the most popular type of system, it does only offer basic protection and should only be used when moderate to heavy security is not necessary. Semi-intelligent readers have both input and outputs necessary to control door hardware (such as the lock, exit button, etc.) but do not ultimately make the decision to allow or deny entry or exit. If power is interrupted or disconnected the system will stop working.


Control the door hardware with your fingerprint

Intelligent readers are the most expensive, but highest security, type of access control. These types of systems include fingerprint and biometric scanners. Like the semi-intelligent reader, they have both input and outputs needed in order to control the door hardware, but they also have the memory and processing power to make independent decisions for access. Some readers may have additional features such as an LCD and function buttons for data collection purposes (clock-in/clock-out), camera/speaker/microphone for intercom, and smart card read/write support.

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Having a reliable and trustworthy Montreal locksmith

We know that having a reliable and trustworthy Montreal locksmith is crucial to the security of your home or business. Our team of expert mobile locksmiths have a wide variety of products to choose from. Whether you want something small or something extensive, we have or can order any model of access control you may need. Call us today to schedule an appointment, request emergency service, or to learn more about the different types of access control systems we offer.

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Todays increased security risks are encouraging many Phoenix commercial properties to take steps to maintain security at the highest standard. As they should, the risks of theft, threats, data and employee management are a huge priority to any business, small or large. For over a decade, Shay Locksmith has been serving Montrealers with high quality commercial locks, security, keyed entry, CCTV and now the latest technologies of access control to meet everyone needs.

The most practical monitoring solution in the industry today for traffic and entry in and out of the property is the solution of access control. Access control involves issuing digital cards or key pad passwords to registered occupants or employees of the building. The advancements in access control bring administrators, building owners and managers a convenient easy way to minimize security concerns. Access credentials can be as simple as a digital card, key fob or fingerprint readers. Contact us today for any questions and to schedule a free property analysis, Trust Shay locksmith to do the job right.

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Door Access

Access control lock systems allow you as a business or property owner to:

  • Manage employee access to rooms and buildings in a controlled fashion
  • Remove access to rooms and buildings immediately in the case of a security breach
  • Easily on-board and off-board employees and vendors into security measures
  • Have a clear, concise and easy-to-access record of who is entering and leaving each room or building, and when
  • Redefine accessibility to rooms or buildings in the case of lost keys with very little cost or time to the business owner or management

With access control lock systems, business owners can maximize security in each and every room and building of their business, and do so at a fraction of the time and cost needed to manage traditional lock security systems with ease and convenience.

Improve access & security today

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How Access Control Lock Systems Can Benefit Your Business.

Access Control Lock Systems can benefit your home or business in many ways. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Makes illegal entry and burglary highly unlikely, as access locks can’t easily be picked
  • Access control locks provide business owners with the ability to change who has access to rooms and buildings – and who doesn’t – with the touch of a finger
  • Codes for doors can be changed remotely via the Web, meaning managers and business owners can change codes from almost anywhere in the world
  • These kind of lock systems provide a simple system in which authorized employees can be given access to secure areas

If you’re interested in increasing building security and streamlining management of access to buildings and doors for your employees, contact us today to discuss the many different options that we have available.