Bad day start when you have break-ins inside your home or if you live in building into your locker room or even roof building door, we’ve got you cover, don’t worry about the damage we can cover most damage doors without issue. It will look good and even stronger then before. Call us 514-836-9097 


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Pick tools, or any other tool used to open doors is illegal


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In case you been a victim of break-ins burglaries, there are 1 possible reason why, your locks, since you didn’t install any security on your door many thief’s will take advantage of it and Break-ins / breaking and entering your store or home, many break-ins happens to be in commercial side since commercial doors comes with cheap security it is easy to break-ins, to maximize security call us to install the maximum security We’ve been called to many break-ins location in Montréal, Laval, Longueuil.

More that 75% of Home invasion/Break-ins are from kicking in a door (and it only takes 10 seconds).
More that 90% of Commercial invasion/Break-ins are from unprotected cylinder in a door (and it only takes 10 seconds).

Residential: To maximize your protection when installing new door make sure to get good quality solid door and to add extra protection commercial metal frame instead of wood.

Taken from Montreal Police website with added more security notes.


A break-ins is when the thief illegally enters a home or business and steals property.

  • Make sure the doors to your business has light.
  • Avoid having bushes, trees and fences around the entry way: they may provide hiding places for thieves.
  • MOST IMPORTANT for business, You must install alarm system which cost between $15-$30 a month ADD extra that alarm company will send their patrol car quickly to your store and will wait until police arrival. They are your most important tool to advise you of break-in in seconds. Install Wireless alarm DVACS SUR-GARD in case thieves will cut your telephone line outside, alarm will be disconnected immediately.
  • Keep cash registered OPEN at night.
  • Make sure if your on high busy street like ste-catherine to cover the code when you enter peoples who passes by can see you typing the alarm code. It happened already when theft passed by and stopped to see the code when employee entered.
  • Install a vandal-proof video surveillance system. Camera system with zoom-in to face otherwise in court it will be easier for judge to indentify the thief. if your cameras are too far thieves can get away in court by saying its not them and judge will be on their side.
  • Add Security protection plate that cover the cylinder lock also protect the space between door as shown on picture. or Minimum protection ring for cylinder. If your commercial door look like that you must install protection.
  • Many thefts do not play around with locksmith tools to open door locks, They Break-ins / breaking and entering / Force-in your store or home quickly. So sometimes high security lock for commercial side is not necessarily helping, but for homes high security lock is necessary! There are 2 kind of locks Commercial / Residential.
  • Do not use tinted windows, which darken the inside of the business.
  • Make sure the windows are not blocked, to allow visibility from outside. A business plastered with posters and signs is more vulnerable to theft.
  • Keep your lighting system in good repair.
  • Keep the light inside of your business at night.
  • Install security doors and windows.
  • Install a security system to alert the neighbourhood of intruders.
  • Business Insurance, Sometimes to make a claim on a low value theft isn’t worth to claim, Claim are worth to fill up only if its the first time or high valued claim.
  • Police will ask you if you have insurance, If you don’t have security camera, Police could not do anything, just do the statistics how many Break-ins / breaking and entering in your neighbourhood.
  • When Calling police please be patient they may come after a few hours, thefts are not a priority. unless thieves are in your store or home.
  • Make sure the street address is clearly visible in the front and back of your building.
  • Make sure you keep track of the keys you give to your employees.
  • Read the brochure Are your valuables safe? (format PDF). It will help you identify vulnerabilities and take steps to resolve them. The officers at your neighbourhood police station can help you for free!
  • Join Opération BIC (format PDF) to mark and inventory your assets
  • Home/House Break-ins / breaking and entering, There is not much security if you have wooden frame, to be maximum security your frame has to be metal. We can add Wrap around security plate with Medeco deadbolt to maximize your home security.
  • If you are robbed, call 9-1-1 immediately. If you witness the theft, describe the thief and the thief’s escape route.



Break-ins Damage We can fix it.

When your door is commercial in case of break-ins (Vol Par Effraction), There is not much we can do to fix door to be as original state, what we can do is to re-do either on top or bottom frame new hole as what happened to our client. Call us 514-836-9097


Locks Installation On New/Old Doors

Usually new doors doesn’t comes with the holes for the locks, or sometimes people wants to install a deadbolt above an existing doorknob and there is no hole for it. The process of drilling new lock hole called: “Fresh Installation of Lock”. A fresh lock installation will require drilling holes on the door and into the door-frame. Fresh lock installation can be done on wood and metal doors, we recommend to use different types of locks for wood doors or metal doors. SHAY locksmith can help to drill the holes and to install the right locks for your doors. At Shay Locksmith we offer fresh lock installation service for all types of doors and locks. We use the most professional locksmith tools so you can count on us to complete the job right. Feel free to call us with any question or request.


Skilled and Experienced Team for Locks SHAY LOCKSMITH Services

In addition to providing standard locks service we also offer high security locks service. We can install high security locks for residential and commercial properties. A high level of high security lock can guarantee your property is safe. If you are consider installation of high security locks, call our professional to hear more about types, brands, and style of high security locks. 514-836-9097 24/7

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Emergency Lock Changes Service – Available 24/7

We understand that many customers need an emergency locksmith to take care of locks change services after a break-in or to increase the security of a space after any type of threat. Our locks change mobile technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of all types of lock replacements and new lock installations immediately. We offer some of the most affordable rates on all lock installation services in the area and can take care of ANY Locks job quickly. 514-836-9097 24/7